2024 Native Plant Sale

2024 Native Plant Sale 

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Thanks for everyone’s support!

The main sale is now complete, we will have an encore sale in West Bloomfield on June 9, and will sell remaining inventory by appointment only.

 email us at [email protected]

Pricing:  Mix and Match all individual plants

Plant price $5.00

Quantity Discount: $4.75 if purchasing 16 or more plants

Premium Plants add $2.00 per plant

Plant list correction – Wild Geranium is a Premium plant

Plant availability subject to change

NEW offerings this year:

Poke Milkweed, Red Baneberry, Blue Wild Indigo, Jacob’s Ladder, Meadowbeauty, Arrowhead & Ivory Sedge!

Kit Contents Listed below

Wild Ones, Native Plants, Natural Landscapes, is a national non-profit organization that informs and teaches people how to use native plants in their landscapes. Wild Ones distinguishes itself from other garden organizations by encouraging gardening with native plants and moving away from the use of chemicals, watering, excessive mowing and other practices commonly used by traditional gardeners.



Support Wild Ones educational programs by joining our organization. Your $40 membership fee is also a tax-deductible donation.

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Plant Kits:   16 Plant Kit will cover about 16 sqft of ground

Kit contents are subject to change, based on plant availability from grower.

Pollinator Kit ( plants) $72

Rain Garden Kit ( plants) $72

Butterfly Kit ( plants) $72

Hot and Sunny Kit ( plants) $72

(Could be used on hell strips – Trim plants to required heights if needed)

Shade/Woodland Edge Kit ( plant Kit) $ 80 (contains some premium plants)

 For reference only

For your shopping convenience we have compiled some useful lists of plants:  Not all plants will be available at the sale.

Butterfly Plant List

SCIENTIFIC Common color time height
Monarda fistulosa Bee-Balm Lavender Jul-Aug 2′-4′
Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal Flower Red Jul-Aug 2′-4′
Aquilegia canadensis Wild Columbine Red/Yellow May-Jul 1′-3′
Vernonia missurica Ironweed Purple Aug-Sep 4′-6′
Lobelia siphilitica Lobelia Blue Blue Jul-Sep 1′-3′
Echinacea pallida Pale Purple Coneflower Purple Jun-Aug 3′-4′
Echinacea purpurea Purple Coneflower Purple Jun-Aug 3′-4′
Penstemon digitalis Penstemon – Beardtongue White Jun-Jul 3′-4′
Phlox pilosa Prairie Phlox Pink May-Jul 2″
Asclepias incarnata Rose/Swamp Milkweed Pink Jul-Aug 3′-4′
Chelone glabra Turtlehead White Aug-Sep 3′-5′
Hibiscus moscheutos Rose Mallow Pink Aug-Sep 4′-6′

Substitute other species as appropriate to your growing conditions.  These lists are good starting points.