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Saturday, July 27th, 2024
to (Eastern Time)
John Blair's Property in Brooklyn, MI, , Brooklyn, MI, 49230 Map

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After retiring and then moving to our nine acre rural site outside Brooklyn, Michigan in 2019, I got busy continuing my dream of creating large pollinator gardens and doing a restoration of a prairie and savanna area. 

We currently have three separate gardens which I like to call “Blended Gardens”. These are roughly fifty percent native and fifty percent non native (and noninvasive) nectar sources. The purpose of these gardens is to demonstrate how folks can start their native plant journey by incorporating natives into their existing landscape alongside nectar plants they are already familiar with. The hope is that these demonstration gardens can be an inspirational gateway for those interested in learning about native plants and creating useful habitat in their own spaces. 

The prairie and savanna is a joint project through the US Fish and Wildlife Service Partners Program. Basically, for landowners interested in returning their property back to native habitat, they will cover half the cost of the project. They will also partner you with an experienced biologist to guide the process and to access the necessary equipment and resources needed for the project. We entered the program in 2020, and after two years of site prep, seeded the five acre prairie and savanna in June 2022. Since this is the third summer since it was seeded, we are expecting a spectacular year!

I will provide a guided tour of the gardens, prairie and savanna. There is about a half mile trail system we can walk to view the prairie/savanna habitat. There are also three ponds that have been restored as well. You will find these teeming with life. Please be prepared for uneven ground on the trails. Hats are also recommended. If there are those who are not able to make the longer trail walk, you are welcome enjoy the three very accessible pollinator gardens and relax on the provided benches. The tour normally takes 1.5 hours. Folks are free to wander about and explore the property after the tour. 

I had over five hundred folks visit last summer from various Master Gardener groups, garden clubs and nature organizations but this will be my first visit from Wild Ones. I am looking forward to your visit!

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